Who is Lynch Hummer / Adventure Accessories?

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Jim Lynch.

I first became interested in the Hummer when I read about the first units delivered to the military in the early 80's. I saw my first Civilian Hummer at the 1992 St. Louis Auto Show. The Hummer brochure was the only thing I took home from that show.

In early 1994 I started to look for a rugged 4wd for my personal vehicle. As the General Manager of a Toyota dealership I was driving a company Landcruiser at no charge, but I wanted something capable of taking me and my family places the Landcruiser just couldn't go. I at first thought the Hummer would be out of my budget until I saw an article that said they started at a price much less than I had thought.

After I test drove the Hummer and saw some of its off-road capabilities I promptly threw all the literature I had collected on its competitors into the trash. The Hummer had spoiled me for anything less! After years of severe Hummer lust I had decided to purchase the beast.

At first I thought that maybe I was the only one crazy enough to want one of these big beasts. On the drive home I started to realize something, the Hummer was easy to drive, well mannered, and FUN! Maybe I wasn't so crazy. I stopped halfway on my trip home and contacted the manufacturer, AM General, and told them I would like to apply for a Hummer franchise.

After a lengthy application process and several visits by AM General personnel, in July of '94 I was awarded a Hummer franchise and became the first and only Hummer Dealer whose only business is Hummer.

Lynch Hummer soon became the largest Pre-owned H1 Hummer dealer, the largest New H1 Hummer dealer and the #1 source for Hummer parts in the World. Our annual combined Hummer H1 sales often doubled our nearest competitor.

Our commitment to Hummers is second to none. Hummers are not a sideline to us as they are at other dealers. When you call Lynch Hummer or our Parts and Accessory division, Adventure Accessories, you will speak to a fellow Hummer enthusiast who knows what makes them special. Every employee ( even our receptionist ) was sent through intensive factory training and has driven Hummers extensively on and off-road.

From the beginning we have known the value of keeping our customers spoiled with the highest possible commitment to their complete satisfaction. This is the primary reason for our unequaled success. Our Pre-owned Hummers for example, were subjected to intense mechanical inspection and every component found not meeting our high standards was repaired or replaced by a Hummer technician who worked only on Hummers. This process insured that the Hummers we sold were right the first time. This commitment to customer satisfaction consistently resulted in the highest customer satisfaction scores of any dealer.

Buying a Hummer from Lynch Hummer was most likely the most hassle free vehicle purchase our customers ever made. Our super aggressive prices were readily available on our web site, by fax, email, or by phone. No haggling No hassles. We arranged to have Hummers delivered to our customer's door World wide.

As part of the GM purchase of the Hummer name in late 1999 we were required to build a new facility that met General Motors design requirements at a location they approved. We completed our $7.5 Million facility in April of 2005. On June 3rd 2008 GM announced that it was considering selling or closing down the Hummer brand . They had already stopped advertising and building Hummer vehicles in volume.

on June 1st 2009 GM filed for Bankruptcy and the next day announced that Chinese company Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Company would purchase the Hummer brand. With no new Hummers available we waited for production to start again under new ownership.

On February 25th 2010 GM announced the deal with Sichuan Tengzhong for the sale of the Hummer brand had fallen through and began the "orderly wind-down" of the Hummer brand. The "wind-down" is completed and GM officially shuts down the Hummer brand on October 31st 2010.

Since that time we have operated under the Adventure Accessories name and have concentrated our attention on Hummer H1 and Humvee Parts and Accessories. We have been a factory direct AM General Genuine Parts Dealer since 1994. We no longer sell vehicles but our commitment to providing Hummer H1 and Humvee Parts and Accessories to Hummer enthusiasts is stronger than ever!

Contact us by E Mail: Sales@lynchhummer.com