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HUMMER H2 changes for the '05 model year.

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2005 HUMMER H2 Specifications.
2005 HUMMER H2 prices.
Power increase.
Horsepower increase from 316 to 325.

Torque increase from 360 lb.ft. to 365 lb.ft.

H2 SUT (Sport Utility Truck) available for first time.

Improved touchscreen DVD Navigation Radio.

New upgraded Ebony Leather interior included in Lux package.

New Black dash standard.

Chrome 17" wheels now available from factory. (First seen on '04 Victory Red limited edition).

Additional factory chrome accessories available including Wraparound Brushguard.

Factory installed XM Radio available.

New Color Stealth Gray.

New Color Desert Sand.

Wheat Leather Interior now standard.

Express open Sunroof available with 11/1/04 production.
Factory Swingaway Tire Carrier becomes standard equipment on SUV as of 1/24/05 production.
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